Dunham for Training and Schooling:

We operate a professional training kennel and cater for all your greyhounds needs whether it is an open race super-star or your treasured graded runner or in for schooling.
At Dunham we have exceptional facilities that include our own purpose built track, 350M grass gallop (that is watered and maintained) large grass paddocks, luxury kennels, walking machines, Jacuzzi, top of the range laser, phys-assist machines and porta-mags.

Our staff have great experience between them not only in the UK but also in Ireland and have what it takes to win major races, we also pride ourselves on turning all of our dogs out in immaculate condition whether it be a final or A10.
We feed a top diet that consists of premium nuts, human consumption beef, pasta, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.
One of our biggest assets we are situated in the open countryside on the border between Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire giving us a prime location to reach many tracks but also making it easy for you to visit.

All of our dogs are handled daily, walked, groomed/massaged and checked before and after every run, gallop or trial.
Best of all your dog will live in a happy environment, be treated with love and kindness and be given a platform for him/her to reach their full potential.

Trials are all digitally timed using the ALGE TIMING SYSTEM.
Each runner receives a digital print out of the trial (pictured), which records the following splits....

Sprint distance records a sectional to the first bend and the winning line.
Standard distance records a sectional at the winning line first time, the third bend and finally a finishing time at the line.
Stayers distance records sectionals at the first bend, the winning line first time, the fifth bend and finally the finish time.